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Eco Energy Company (EEC) was created to help individuals, who want to make educated measures to reduce their carbon footprints and to be responsible for our sustainability. As well as carbon footprints, we focus on costs, specifically understanding and utilising Government grants and cash incentives to save our customers money. We are a reliable solar energy equipment supplier helping our clients with domestic solar panel installation in UK.

We pride ourselves on delivering clear understanding on how the Government cash incentives work for homeowners. We will be there from start to finish, taking our customers through the different options that are available and introducing them to UK Government approved solar panel installers.

We manage our partner relationships to high standards, because we care about our customers’ experience and satisfaction. Customer satisfaction, we believe, will spread the word about the value and benefits of using Renewable Energy within our homes and planet; for years to come.

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Solar power is this right power

Why you should Choose Solar Energy

When it comes to producing energy, the world has relied on petrol, coal and wood. We may think the energy supplied through these non-renewable sources is uninterrupted but it has its limits. Despite having an unlimited supply of solar energy, we are slow to use it.

Solar energy is renewable and produces almost zero carbon making it one of the best energy sources. Besides, it is cost-effective and includes lower maintenance costs. Therefore, it is our sacred duty to install renewable energy like solar panels and much more. You can take help of any approved solar panel installer UK to switch to a greener energy and reduce power bills instantly. With a solar PV panel installation, you can generate electricity and use it for free.

So why we should start relying more on solar energy?

Why Solar Energy?
Producing energy through petrol, coal and wood creates poisonous chemical elements such as carbon monoxide. Whereas, solar energy is not only available in unlimited quantities (when the sun is out) but advancements in batteries allow you to store energy for domestic or commercial usage when it’s needed most.
Advantages of Solar Energy
Your electric bills should hugely reduce once you install solar panels to your property – after all, sunlight is free! Solar panels from any solar energy equipment supplier will create a green, renewable energy source without releasing any harmful carbon dioxide or other pollutants into the atmosphere making them very eco-friendly.
The Cost Benefit Ratio
Given that the supply of solar energy is inexhaustible, businesses and individuals have now started investing their money on solar energy to fulfil their energy needs. Without the current government grants available it was possible to repay the initial outlay with energy savings in the first 10 years. With the use of current government grants, you could have repaid the initial investment in a third of that time! This means you’ll be making a profit for 20 odd years! Reliable solar energy equipment suppliers will provide sustainable materials that need lower maintenance cost. So, you can harvest the energy for a long time without spending extra.
Commercial Use
For businesses, energy costs cover a significant portion of their spending. However, solar panels can somewhat lower these costs, making them potential investments for future savings. As the price of utilities rises, many players are turning towards solar panels to minimise costs. Often nowadays potential clients are often looking for green eco energy company for domestic solar panel installation!
Manufacturers and solar energy equipment suppliers in UK usually offer solar panels along with 20-25 years of warranty. The warranty itself also guarantees that your panels should still produce at least 80% of their initial output peak rate after 20-25 years! Renewable energy installers UK ensure that most likely they will still be going strong 35 years down the road. All while helping to protect the environment!
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